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    most casino operators are motivating there AMs to actually find these BH guys we even had competitions organized from high up to find BH affiliates that is currently not focusing on casino and signing them up as affiliates , even list were handed over to the AMs with email addresses and names to reach out to these guys. All sites were created by the operator for the affiliate they just needed to do the rest and then the competition started- the guy who brings in most players in the first month wins a Porsche plus a HUGE CPA and so on and so on. This is the sort of traffic the bosses are looking for and most AMs don't fully understand what it does to honest affiliates- all they are scared about is reaching their target at the end of the month and it's such competitive environment.
    I'm not sure who verifiedcasino.com but I'll start looking at the casino operators itself. I know for sure Dave, that most of these hackers are not Israelis and are actually UK based operators doing their own BH and a casino operator based in Johannesburg . Another young boy with the age of maybe 29 by now , working exclusively for an operator based in the UK bringing them up to 1000 of players monthly. The operators are pretty much aware were their traffic are coming from- so if you want to stop this you should start looking there.
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    Last time I checked BH wasn't illegal, where as hacking a site without permission is.
    Using others copyrighted content without permission is stealing - also illegal.

    People in the industry know who this is and still no-one says anything - hell you probably know who it is!

    Maybe I should just stop wasting my time, dump all the leads and information I have, into 3 big envelopes and send them to the FBI, AFP and Scotland Yard and let them sort it out. I'm sure they'd be interested to know who's been associated with the hackings on Government websites.
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    My brother in-law is a US Attorney and i can tell you that they are dealing with bigger issues of fraud and theft online - it's just not interesting for them. I think the best way to handle this is to sanction the casinos that work with these guys.

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