AGD Approved StatsDrone 2022-06-03

StatsDrone is an iGaming Affiliate Program Stats Tracker developed to help webmaster track their commissions and stats in one central app without having to log in to all your affiliate programs. With the StatsDrone app, you can easily identify which are the programs that bring you the most benefits to focus on them. With all programs available in one place it is a massive time saver, you can easily check stats for all programs you work with rather than going from one account to another.

At the moment all data is safely stored on the StatsDrone servers, and a service where you can self-host your data in Q3 of 2022 is currently being worked on.

A 30-day free trial is available for all new customers. At the moment three plans are available starting from $29, $89, and $250+ per month, with different plan features designed to fit the needs of small and big affiliates.


StatsDrone has a large affiliate program database of over 500 gambling affiliate programs with the available option to request a new program.
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