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Our primary mission at Slots Launch is to make it easy for affiliates of all sizes to add and manage free demo games on their websites.

Slots Launch is an all-inclusive platform that encompasses literally every new game from virtually every game provider, which makes it the perfect singular resource designed to help affiliates save time and deliver a better experience to their users.

We offer three different integration methods to help each affiliate quickly add and manage demo games across their network.

  1. WordPress Plugin – Our WordPress plugin is our most popular integration method as it provides new and existing affiliates with the ability to add all of our games nearly instantly to any WordPress website.
  2. API Access – Having access to our API comes in handy if you’d like to add individual games to your website in bulk fashion. This is especially helpful for websites that have many existing game reviews in place and you’re simply looking to add or swap out the demos for those pages. It can also come in handy if you’re looking to quickly build a website from scratch, but you aren’t interested in using WordPress.
  3. Direct iFrame Embeds – This is a universal solution that works well for WordPress and non-WordPress websites alike. It’s the perfect solution for adding demo games individually at your own pace.
In addition to making demo games widely available to all affiliates, here are some other reasons why you should consider using Slots Launch to provide your users with a better experience:

  • We actively monitor all demo games for any issues and we repair them quickly to maximize uptime for each and every game.
  • With access to our Launch Pad, you can find a growing selection of marketing assets for each game.
  • We have a very generous free plan available with zero out-of-pocket costs so you can try Slots Launch with no-strings-attached.
  • We deploy geotargeting to help ensure that your users are not shown games that they’re unable to play due to their location.
  • We offer dynamic language demos, which means that your users will see the demo game in their native language.
  • Our WordPress plugin includes automatic daily new game imports, which means that your website will always be amongst the first to go live with new demo games.
  • A single account with us at Slots Launch can be used on an unlimited number of your websites.
  • Basic UK age verification is enabled by default and more advanced solutions are soon to be added as optional add-ons.
  • Several of our subscription plans include multiple backlink opportunities at no additional cost.
In addition to the above, we pride ourselves on being incredibly responsive, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like any extra help in deciding the best approach to take when it comes to managing your demo games.

Click here to see our products/pricing and to start using Slots Launch today.
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Slotslaunch is awesome - 16k+ game demos in one place. Would be improved if added game info & more graphic options but it's still so useful, I love it.