Forum Rules

AGD Rules and Code of Conduct
AGD MEMBER CODE OF CONDUCT - All Members must agree to the terms outlined below

Registration to the community is free. For this privilege, we ask that you adhere to the AGD Code of Conduct below. This Code of Conduct is non-negotiable and will be overseen by our Administrator (Guard Dog) and our Moderators (Bonustreek, Engineer, and KasinoKing).


1.1 'Flaming' will not be tolerated. 'Flaming' are described as the following actions: insults, belittling, harassment, and any other post that is meant to incite ire/anger (flame) in another person or organization.

1.2 'Name Calling' will not be tolerated. Calling another member or organization a name other than their member name for the purpose of demeaning/belittling is not allowed.

1.3 'Cross Posting' is not allowed. Post in one area of the forums, do not post the same post in multiple areas. Such posts will be removed and it could result in a ban.

1.4 Posting private information such as real names, real addresses, and LinkedIn or other social media URLs in regards to a member or organization is not permitted.

1.5 Berating an affiliate for promoting organizations you *may not* promote will not be tolerated. Suggestions are ok. Explanations on why it would help to promote other organizations are fine. Berating the affiliate(s) will not be tolerated.

1.6. Posting URLs will not be available for members who have not sufficiently contributed to the forum. AGD members will need to have at least 20 valid posts on the forum to qualify. Moderator and admin discretion will be used to determine quantity and quality of posts.

2.0 SPAM

1.1 Spam is any post that is promotional in nature and is posted with no intent to help the community with said post.

1.2 Any post that occurs by any new forum member that promotes a product or company where the new member has not sufficiently engaged and contributed to the community will be considered spam.

1.3 Affiliate Programs - Any affiliate program who posts without the permission of a moderator or administrator prior to going through the certification process will be considered spam.

1.4 Spam will be dealt with by providing details of the spammers IP address(es), user name(s), and all other information to all spam registries in addition to being banned on as wide a scale as possible within the AGD community.


3.1 The 'Conversation' system is similar to what many call PMs. This system is not to be used for the following purposes: Section 1.1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0. It is also not to be used to send out mass promotions to affiliates or to recruit in any way.

3.2 'Conversations' are not to be shared publicly without the consent of both parties.


4.1 Blackmail of any kind will result in immediate termination of your account at AGD.

4.2 Threats of any kind will result in the immediate termination of your account at AGD.


5.1 All posts for a specific affiliate program should be posting in their specific forum. Our notification system will send a post-notification to them allowing them to return to AGD to respond. This notification system will email them up to 3 times to ensure they have not forgotten about the post. By posting outside their forum - they will NOT receive notification.


6.1 A member will typically be warned prior to any termination. This warning may be a time-period banning (1-7 days) as a cooling off period.

6.2 Any breaches of section 4.0 will result in an immediate ban for life.

6.3 Any breach of 2.0 will result in a possible ban for life and section 1.4 will apply.

NOTE: Administrators and Moderators of this forum reserve all rights to remove, delete, edit, and close ANY thread on this forum. While we rarely delete threads (unless they are spam), we want everyone to be aware that we have this tool at our disposal and will use it where necessary. All content that is removed in its entirety will also go along with a notification to the original poster as to why it occurred.

Thank you.

The AGD Team