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    What’s New

    - World Cup Affiliate Contest
    Who will win the World Cup 2010? Forecast the winning country and have the chance to win $1000 cash! There are 11 days left to submit your entry. Make sure to send us an email at affiliates@slotocash.com with your affiliate ID and selected country. That’s all! Good Luck All!

    - Sex, Age and Currency
    Thanks to our software provider Rival, we can now show you more demographic information about your potential and existing customers. This great source of information will help you define the profile of your website traffic and able to market them more efficiently.
    With the addition of that information, you now can see a player’s location, age, sex, currency and also our reporting will let you know if they are new or existing players.

    Login to your affiliate account and click on Reporting and select “Player Activity Report”, or “Player Summary Report”.
    If you have any questions, please send us an email at affiliates@slotocash.com

    - Sloto’Cash in Europe and Worldwide

    We have recently attended a casino affiliate conference iGaming Super Show in Prague, Czech Republic where met with many European affiliates who were not aware that Sloto’Cash welcomes players from all over the world besides U.S. costumers.

    Offering the option to a player to use their local currency such as Euros, Pounds and ZAR have already allowed many European players to enjoy their casino games at Sloto’Cash by having the convenience to purchase and withdraw within their own currency and preferable method of payment.
    Our affiliate program offers you international landing pages and banners in different languages and currency for a better playing experience and conversion rate.

    Login to your affiliate account and make sure to select your international landing page along with a banner and welcome bonus offer according to the country local currency.

    The landing country pages available are:
    AustraliaUnited Kingdom

    If you would like to take advantage of our second tier of Sloto’Cash program (5% commissions for referring other affiliates), you can promote Sloto’Cash within the Spanish and Dutch market using our landing pages that explain the business opportunity that they can have by promoting Sloto’Cash in Spain/Latin America and Netherlands.

    - New Slot Game

    Sloto’Cash Casino continues with the series of adding new games to their casino platform. Players love to try new games all the time and this is why we make sure that you are aware of them in advanced.

    The “Best of Luck” slots, a new 20 line – 5 reel slots will be launched on June. Stay tuned for more details on the pre-announcement of this game and the exact launch date.

    What’s New At Sloto’Cash Casino

    - More Lucky Numbers and Number of the Beast
    Our columnist, Leah Gray, has recently wrote a very interesting article about how people use significant numbers for playing the lottery or making a bet. People use specific numbers numbers/letters that are unique to them such as their date of birth, social security number, insurance number, etc and they consider those as their lucky numbers even they don’t know anything about numerology. She also provides more details on how to find your exact lucky numbers based on the significant numbers.

    We encourage you to promote Sloto’Cash numerology columnist with the landing page we have created for you to help attract potential players to sign up for an account at Sloto’Cash . Make sure to let your website’s visitors know that Sloto’Cash offer promotions based on some specific numbers.

    If you have any questions, please send us an email at affiliates@slotocash.com

    - Global Cup Soccer

    The main topic around people these days are just about the World Cup. Most people are getting ready to make sure to watch their favourite team to play.
    Global Cup Soccer slot has also been getting a lot of attention lately, not just from soccer/football fans. The $12,500 jackpot that this 3 reel slot offers to players got people to try the games and experience the images that this game offers.

    Bets can be made from 0.01 to 5 either in US dollars, Euros, Pounds or ZAR.
    We encourage you to promote Global Cup Soccer slots during this time of the month along with the $7 free no deposit and up to $570 on welcome bonuses for new players to join.

    Send us an email at affiliates@slotocash.com for more details to promote this game.

    Good Luck for June!

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