Slots Jungle Denied my $3,000 withdrawal!!

Discussion in 'Affactive' started by Rhondagrace, Sep 2, 2010.

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Hey friends, Seeing as how its no skin off your nose and that I could really use the help, next time you get an urge to join a new casino give me a try, I"ll even join a new program in order to get a real player and I promise I'll appreciate the effort a lot more than you'll get from just the casino.

    Meaning if you had a problem, I'd be all over it with you. But mostly ... I can't believe anybody here, affs of all people, would join a casino as player without helping out somebody you know from the industry.

    Not too mention you can also be testing the program and just like I recently caught a program that had started out giving credit to the aff whom I signed under ... but a year goes by and I go back and play ... and it doesn't show up.

    This is vital information to know, and if you're going to play anyway, then it is completely wasteful to not take advantage of such opportunity. Because odds are if your play isn't showing up in that affs account, then its not speaking well for your aff account either.

    More to help you out when choosing, is choose from a small aff. Odds are great they will have limited number of sign ups, therefore as was my situation when I discovered that my play wasn't showing up, I was the only one she had signed up there. (I signed up under Pat and you can find her website ...
    Casino players Gambling Forum
    Casinos - Poker & Bingo

    And to be quite honest, as much as I'd appreciate your sign ups, Pat could use them more, (you may have trouble finding the casino you're looking for, as has been my experience not just with her, but with finding it on another affs sites, sometimes I had to visit several before finding it, but its worth it for reasons mentioned).

    Please don't be lazy when you could really be helping out people that might need the help.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Sep 18, 2008
    I had a similar experience at a playtech casino ,I put in thousands under Amcan/Fred's tags ,probably enough to put his kids through college on his affiliate income he made off me lol.Well I won $15,000 betting max on Chinese kitchen , got the turtles!When i went to cash out my $15,000 they had a max of $4000 a week cash out set to my account.

    Of course I lost it and so did Fred ,The pitboss even got involved and he said because it was my first cash out ever and i funded with credit cards they had that limit.I did not like it and I stopped playing for 6 days until they then paid me $8000 the following week and the balance 3-4 days later.

    It really did upset me but when I cooled down I could see their position as well.Now when i cash out I get it to moneybookers in a couple days ,I don't think Fred has made any money on me in three months now .I hit $22,500 in late August and that they paid me all in one payment.With so much fraud in this industry I think it is reasonable for Casinos to have a limit on first cash outs and for the record I am a high roller and so is my husband ,just this last 12 months we have been on 5 trips from casinos so I think i am qualified to give a high roller opinion :)

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