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    SlotOCash Affiliate Program - Slotocash Affiliates promotes the SlotoCash casino, a Rival-Powered casino.

    [goodterm] COMMISSIONS[/goodterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Payment Date [/newtermtitle]
    4.4 Fee Payment
    We will pay you Advertising Revenue on the 10th day of each month [/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Chargeback Policy [/newtermtitle]
    4.2 Charge-backs
    A charge-back is defined as un-collectable CC transaction from the CC companies as a result of customer non payment or fraudulent credit card use. Fifty percent of all charged back amounts would be deducted from your payment or the reserved funds. Charge back fees will be paid to CC companies and will be administered by Sloto' Cash Casino.
    4.3 Charge backs, credits during processing period.
    If a charge back or credit occurs during the fee payment-processing period (12 business days), we reserve the right to deduct the associated fees from the owed Advertising revenues. [/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Commissions Structure [/newtermtitle]
    We offer the most generous Affiliate / Webmaster program in the Internet Gaming industry today, allowing you to earn a higher flat rate commission of 30% Net Profit.
    You will earn from 30% of the Casino's earnings generated from players you refer and for their entire lifetime! The more traffic you send, the more you earn. You earn a recurring profit from your players month after month for as long as their account remains active.

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Negative Carryover [/newtermtitle]
    If the account is in a negative position (e.g. because customer winnings have exceeded customer losses) the negative position WILL NOT be carried over into the following month(s). [/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Minimum Payment [/newtermtitle]
    4.4 Fee Payment
    We will pay you Advertising Revenue on the 10th day of each month, but not less than $100 (monthly or accumulated) on all payment methods, except Minimum Payout for Bank wires is $500 on all affiliate accounts. If you fail to achieve the specified amount of Advertising Revenue on a certain month, the earned amount will be forwarded to the next calendar month.[/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Tiered Revenue Sharing [/newtermtitle]
    4.1 Sloto' Cash Casino Affiliate program do not currently offer a tier program and therefore no fee will be paid on referring other webmasters. [/newterm]


    [newterm][newtermtitle] Termination [/newtermtitle]
    5.2 Upon termination:
    You must remove all of our banners/icons from your site and disable the link from your site to ours. All rights and licenses given to you in this Agreement shall immediately terminate. If you have failed to fulfill your obligations and responsibilities, we will not pay you the Advertising Revenue otherwise owing to you on termination. We may withhold your final payment for a reasonable time to ensure that the correct amount is paid. If we continue to permit play from customers after termination, this will not constitute a continuation or renewal of this Agreement or a waiver of termination.
    5.3 Post Termination:
    The term of this Agreement will begin when you create a unique link to our site and will be continuous unless and until either party notifies the other in writing that it wishes to terminate the Agreement.[/newterm]

    [goodterm] SPAM AGREEMENT[/goodterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Spam Terms [/newtermtitle]
    1.9 "Spam" means emails and messages that meet any of the following definitions:
    A. An unsolicited mailing, usually, to many people.
    B. Contain false or misleading statements.
    C. Do not truthfully identify the source or the originating IP Address and / or the originating email address.
    D. Do not contain an online and real time Remove option.
    As long as your visitor does not click on the link you do not send them any emails (note the verification of both the email address and random number). This avoids people filling in false addresses, which can later turn into spam complaints. [/newterm]

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