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Discussion in 'BringIt' started by gstarr, Nov 1, 2013.


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    Nov 10, 2011
    Still got no payment for september 2013. Just called the phone from the BringIt website and been informed that they dont have any information about affiliate payments as well as they dont have any person - affiliate manager at the moment, cuz Constantin left a week ago from their team. They provided me with email of BetAt casino director, who is also no answering. "you'll probably get a reply from him next week".

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    Nov 1, 2013
    Hi Gstarr,

    While i understand your frustrations, please do depict the information correctly. Person you spoke to is an affiliate executive, Jeanette, who told you that myself, the Director, is replacing Costa for the short interim period. I'm doing this in order to improve and streamline the program for the better, rather than leave it in hands of a new manager hired and leaving affiliates suffer through the teething period.

    So first correction: There is a head of affiliates active, and it's the guy that makes all the important decisions anyway. It's a good time to use that to improve and review any deal. I'm open to discussions directly.

    With regards to your payment, i closed the September books and now we are closing October. On Monday we'll be issuing both September and October payments together, which is what Jeanette told you with regards to next week.

    I was actually organizing affiliate replies and newsletter informing all of this as this post was brought to my attention.

    You have my direct email and i will get in touch with you shortly, however please do allow me a day to reply (received it yesterday, will reply today) with solid information, rather than a pending response "i'm on it". The latter is easier but it's also inefficient and would simply aggravate you further in my opinion.


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