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Jim Partners are considered Predatory, click here if you still want to visit their site.
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    This Agreement shall enter into force upon registration of the Partner on the Affiliate Program website and will remain in force until one of the parties notifies the other party in writing of its intention to terminate this Agreement. If this rule is fulfilled, the Agreement will be immediately terminated. Any of the parties to the Agreement has the right to terminate this Agreement for any reason or without reason at all at its sole discretion.

    In case of prolonged inactivity of the Partners account, the Affiliate Program is entitled to consider this Agreement terminated. To resume the account, the Partner should contact the affiliate program managers and coordinate further actions.
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    An total rip-off admin fee of 40 % and in addition a hidden commission-cut option with the right to do it on the quiet, so that their 40 % revenue share beginning with the 2nd month is fragile:

    8. Payments and fees
    Payment Plans
    In case if the Partner remains inactive for 60 days, his Commission from the net profit of the Casino will be 25%. The Affiliate program has the right to not inform the Partner about changing the Commission’s percentage.


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