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  • Members from the Corfleone Family can't wait for giant Christmas presents from their Boss, a small green towel in an unpretentious design.
    GPWA does not make it easy to detect sponsors, fled from the forum (alphbetic order trick). Enter the following in the Google search box:
    BREAKING NEWS: Rep from immediate flop Silly Lili Bet officially confirms on GPWA in the welcome thread: "The 30% admin fee will remain"!
    Silly Lily Bet next crazy GPWA sponsor. 30 % admin fee! Almost nothing will make it to your wallet. No need to pay taxes anymore. Great!
    Game-Revenue Lunacy: Bring at least 5 new players every 3 months or pay a fine of 3 % on your commission! Committing reputation suicide.
    GPWA's booth E47 for iGB 2020 so small, only one person and a cat can sit together. And the booth is placed nowhere like a loser table!
    Corrupt iGB Affiliate welcomes back Buffalo Partners. They made so much money with hacking schools, Kindergarten, hospitals and care homes.
    Buffalo Crime Family back at corrupt iGB London 2020. Ask them at stand L4 how much money they made with being accomplice of serious crime.
    Many are asking: "Where is "vtyunby65"" from GPWA? He's still there. His account was re-named on the quiet. New username is "Cash Bonus".
    X-Mas with GPWA: In GPWA's chatter box Christmas thread first things first. In sentence first sponsors mentioned, after that affiliates.
    GPWA protects their shady & criminal sponsors by all available means. Go and sign-up, lose your money. Get cheated and deceived or stop it.
    I did not read or write at GPWA since months, unable to write there anything, because the Soviet Union forum censors it all. It's the truth!
    3 out of 4 offshore white label low IQ representative flashbang online casinos are without any financial envelope, refusing cashouts SOL.
    What is wrong with you, GPWA? I mean, giving the frauds from 1xBet such a huge place for propaganda and protection since an eternity now.
    1xBet to be honored as most corrupt program in this industry very soon. There are zillions of players complaining. Warnings remain unheard.
    A wonderful time without GPWA. Helped a friend with world wide 1st time investigating Lightning Roulette. Now we know the true house edge!
    Latest GPWA admin fee rip-off sponsor: QVAff 25%, King Billy Affiliates 25%, 3Snet rip-off artist obviously even refuses to tell percentage.
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