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  • GPWA again caught red handed lying to you. After they removed my "War on Admin Fee" avatar to protect their crooked sponsors, I found out, that I am already banned forever, ...
    Corfleone Family pulled Aussie Dave's 'private membership with a trumped up Kangaroo court to punish him. GPWA indeed is acting like a Crime Famiy, is the enemy of the people.
    RED ALERT! GPWA main sponsor Gaming 1 installed quotas, scam fees, lifetime commission hoax. Details here on AGD in the "Gaming 1 Affiliates" section.
    At GPWA Jim Partners is a beloved sponsor, will be pushed also by Video Propaganda Guy. Here at AGD the 40 % admin fee scammer is in the Predatory section. Read there for more Scammy Jimmy Terms.
    Confirmed: Massive Censorship by the Corfleone Family now also on truth posts of unbreakable Aussie Dave. Also PM harrasments. With that GPWA now reached the final stage of being the worst place ever in the online casino industry.
    Members from the Corfleone Family can't wait for giant Christmas presents from their Boss, a small green towel in an unpretentious design.
    While you don't know, how to survive the next weeks, GPWA sponsors buying expensive Christmas gifts from the phantom XXL admin rip-off fee.
    GPWA does not make it easy to detect sponsors, fled from the forum (alphbetic order trick). Enter the following in the Google search box:
    BREAKING NEWS: Rep from immediate flop Silly Lili Bet officially confirms on GPWA in the welcome thread: "The 30% admin fee will remain"!
    Silly Lily Bet next crazy GPWA sponsor. 30 % admin fee! Almost nothing will make it to your wallet. No need to pay taxes anymore. Great!
    Game-Revenue Lunacy: Bring at least 5 new players every 3 months or pay a fine of 3 % on your commission! Committing reputation suicide.
    GPWA's booth E47 for iGB 2020 so small, only one person and a cat can sit together. And the booth is placed nowhere like a loser table!
    Corrupt iGB Affiliate welcomes back Buffalo Partners. They made so much money with hacking schools, Kindergarten, hospitals and care homes.
    Buffalo Crime Family back at corrupt iGB London 2020. Ask them at stand L4 how much money they made with being accomplice of serious crime.
    Many are asking: "Where is "vtyunby65"" from GPWA? He's still there. His account was re-named on the quiet. New username is "Cash Bonus".
    X-Mas with GPWA: In GPWA's chatter box Christmas thread first things first. In sentence first sponsors mentioned, after that affiliates.
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