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  • "The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it." (Albert Einstein - Germany)
    Breaking: After shocking statement of 1xSlots about quota the program will be shortly behind predatory bars at AGD. Once again 1xX Crime Family believes, they can get away with everything.
    Quota-Shocker: AGD certified lifetime revenue share hoaxer Marikit Holdings Ltd Outfit 1xSlots doubles down on 5 actively betting referrals per month quota, ...
    1xBet Crime Family, #1 protected sponsor of GPWA Crime Family finally put behind Predatory-Bars by AGD. I am fighting for this since years!
    Hilarious: GPWA Crime Family Associate Cash Bogus congratulates 24/7 Partners to the Gold Sponsorhip as if they have won a price.
    Big mouths - No action: Marikit Holdings Ltd Outfit Betwinner after 10 days still not updating their terms to no negative carryover.
    Source: 7Bit Partners obviously worthy successor of Rewards Affiliates Cross Promotion Scam, selling your players to other brand.
    This is a Red Alert! GPWA Platinum Sponsor Betmaster obviously short of money and on the brink of implosion. GPWA staff as usual is doing nothing to help affiliates, still taking money and that's all.
    Michael Corfleone overturned free election of affiliates to terminate Rewards Affiliates from GPWA due to the gigantic cross-promotion scams.
    Rewards Affiliates Cross Promotion Scam celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Congratulations and a big thumbs up! Well done. Welcome to GPWA. Best program ever. So wonderful.
    GPWA again caught red handed lying to you. After they removed my "War on Admin Fee" avatar to protect their crooked sponsors, I found out, that I am already banned forever, ...
    Corfleone Family pulled Aussie Dave's 'private membership with a trumped up Kangaroo court to punish him. GPWA indeed is acting like a Crime Famiy, is the enemy of the people.
    RED ALERT! GPWA main sponsor Gaming 1 installed quotas, scam fees, lifetime commission hoax. Details here on AGD in the "Gaming 1 Affiliates" section.
    At GPWA Jim Partners is a beloved sponsor, will be pushed also by Video Propaganda Guy. Here at AGD the 40 % admin fee scammer is in the Predatory section. Read there for more Scammy Jimmy Terms.
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