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    Nov 28, 2013

    I informed Daniel my VIP host last week, that live chat was down all of Wednesday Malta time from around 12:33am. He claimed it wasn't in his "remit" aka mandate. However he passed my message to the responsible Dept. Never heard anything back.

    Whatever happen to it, the issue must have been fixed because it started working again around Malta time 1:30pm Wednesday.

    Well got the same issue again now. Click the chat button and the chat window opens but it's a blank screen.


    I've cleared cookies and cache, I've also tried it on three (3) different browsers: Chrome, FireFox and IE, all with the identical issue. I tried to contact the Casino Manager from the email link with my account, however cm AT betatcasino DOT com, clearly the email is no exsistent because it bounced back.

    I don't like bringing players issues to the forum but given I can't seem to get anyone to sort this out, it's really my only option right now.
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    Nov 1, 2013
    Hi Bet4You,

    I am really sorry but I came across this post just now. This is not an excuse but the program notification email was being redirected to an old email of an old Affiliate Manager.

    Let me inform you that I completely remember Daniel to tell us ( the marketing team) to chase the Teach team to solve this issue, and that it was what we did.

    Last time I requested an update on this our Tech team informed me that it was solved, but it will be great to hear from you as a player if you are still having issues.

    Please feel free to PM me our to contact me by email or Skype at at any time ( ; pinto_gio)

    Looking forward to hear from you.


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