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    Aug 17, 2020
    Dear Affiliate Guard Dog community members,

    I am a representative of Casino-Z and I would like to share some info on Z-Partners Affiliate Program. You will find our terms & conditions very attractive.

    First of all, Casino Z is an online casino for players who value licensed and certified quality gambling products. We know what the ideal service should look like and we strive to provide superior customer service. Our players can enjoy a wide selection of gambling providers, slots, live casinos and lotteries. User satisfaction is essential to us, therefore, we offer fast withdrawals, a unique bonus program, rewards for loyal players and much more. We strive to be a platform where users have fun, enjoy the ease of experience, and win a lot!

    The Z-Partners affiliate program offers flexible terms, due to which an affiliate partner can receive up to 45% of the casino’s income generated by each attracted player. Our partners would find this program quite convenient because all attracted players are reserved by affiliate partners, allowing the partners to generate a constant passive income (there is no limit on the passive income).

    There is also a referral program that allows you to receive 5% of another partner’s income if that partner was attracted by you.

    Z-Partners will provide you with promotional materials for ads, info on working with potential clients, any kind of support, and training!

    If you decided to become our affiliate partner, you have to register on our official website ( and fill out the form. Then contact a Z-Partners representative to activate your account and agree on the conditions by sending a message/email to:

    Telegram: @zpartners @z_partners_net

    Looking forward to receiving your inquiries! Have a great day!
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    Welcome to the AGD forum! Glad to have you here to assist our members.
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