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    Guard Dog

    Guard Dog Guard Dog Staff Member

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    Dec 13, 2006
    Hello AGD community,

    Today we present to you the new real revenue share audit report for Z-Partners.

    They have Casino-Z as their brand.

    Affiliate Reporting Platform:
    Affiliate Reporting Platform.jpg

    We deposited $15 via Skrill and took a welcome bonus of 100% up to $300.
    Our funds with the welcome offer were $30, $15 on the Main account and $15 on the Bonus account. First, we used the $15 from the Bonus Account and we started playing some slots:

    B Slot 1 Start.jpg

    B Slot 2 End.jpg

    Once we lost the bonus funds, we started playing slots with the $15 from the main account:
    Slot 1 Start.jpg

    Slot 2 End.jpg

    Eventually, we lost all the funds and checked the earnings report:

    For the deposit of $15 via Skrill the Net Gaming Revenue was $12.25
    Our earnings should be 45% of NGR which is $5,51

    To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 12.25/15= 82%.

    Finally, multiply the advertised revenue share rate with the Effective NGR to see your real revenue share rate, e.g:
    • 25% = 20.50 %
    • 30% = 24.60 %
    • 35% = 28.70 %
    • 40% = 32.80 %
    • 45% = 36.90 %

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    AussieDave 20 years & still going!

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    Nov 28, 2013
    There's been far worse results, from other programs, in previous audits. However, 82% still isn't what's advertised, is it! Curacao license No. 8048/JAZ; 1668/JAZ; 365/JAZ and 5536/JAZ igaming operators using these licenses, are NOT the principle license holder. Hence, kickbacks up the chain is what seems to be heavily reducing affiliate commissions.

    It would seem, sub-licensees hold varying degrees of greed and unconscionable motives.

    Some take none. Others a little. While others pickpocket their partner blind. Lets be 100% clear on this: these are the hard working folk who provide these igaming establishments with their players. As a result, and more often that not, the affiliates supplying said players, end up with a piss poor pittance of what they are rightly entitled to.

    Z-Partners Affiliate Program Representative

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    Aug 17, 2020
    Hello AGD team and the community!

    Thank you for making an audit of our Affiliate Program.
    We`re not hiding our RevShare formula and it`s mentioned in the terms and conditions which you can get familiar with. Our RevShare formula is:
    (NGR = GGR - Casino Promotion (bonuses) - Payment System Commission - Royalty of the Casino) x aff%
    GGR = Total Bets – Total Wins

    As you can see the partner’s revenue is calculated based on the bets, not the deposits. The payment systems and the providers also took their share.

    So if we looks again will see that:
    $12.25 x 45% = 5.51$
    It means that RS/WebProfit rate is 1:1.

    Any admin fee, bonus fee, retention fee and etc.

    Hope all is okay now.

    Best Regards,
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