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Discussion in 'BringIt' started by mickey417, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Nov 24, 2011
    I cannot find the term saying, that if you do not answer on BringIt email while few days, they will lock your affiliate account :)
    This brand not look so good for me , so i never promoted them. As i see at their email posted below, it was great move.
    If they can send something like that, ethical behaviour must be not known for them

    "Could you also clarify in regards to where you are promoting us as the website registered doesn’t appear to exist.
    Failure to reply in in the next few days will result into your account being banned.

    Kind regards
    Analise Despott

    Phone (MLT): +356 2015 6651
    Fax (MLT): +356 2131 0943
    Skype: analise.despott

    Description: Description: Description: Description: bringit-logo Description: Description: Description: Description: igb
    BET-AT.EU - Play your game"

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