BETAT Casino and Slotty Vegas changed bonus system!

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    Hi all,

    Since 2011 our brands have been running a segregated bonus model, with real funds and bonus funds being separated from each other, with both real funds and bonus funds contributing toward the wagering requirement of all bonuses. Whereas we have always proclaimed that this is the fairest model, we have had to apply more stringent wagering requirements in order to ensure that the bonuses do not result in positive expectancy for the players, resulting in a competitive disadvantage in terms of wagering requirement amounts.

    We have now settled upon a segregated model, whereby only bonus funds will contribute toward bonuses given with the target of adopting a bonus contribution structure that will allow us to lower wagering requirements, create a more user friendly bonus structure, as well as a straightforward cashback program for BETAT Casino, alongside Slotty Vegas Supercharged winnings feature.

    Specific Bonus Wagering Contributions:

    - Deposit Bonuses – Bonus only contribution at x30 bonus amount WR

    - Manual/CRM Bonuses - Bonus only contribution at variable WR

    - Free Spins Bonuses - Bonus only contribution at x10 bonus amount WR

    - Supercharged Winnings – awarded as cash every Tuesday and Friday.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubt of how this may affect your current offer or if you are thinking to start promoting us!


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