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    Feb 23, 2012
    Hi Everyone, saw a great many winners over several days during the past week. Various players generated wins between £2,000 and £5,000 from online slot machines as single wins or wins from free games and bonus games.

    The first winner, A.B. from Devon was playing on Elvis Multi Strike Slots when she landed 3 FanOMeter Bonus symbols on the reels. She received wins of £425 on Level 1 and moved on to Level 2 where she received 3 Guitar symbols. On Level 3, she was even luckier when she again received 3 FanOMeter Bonus symbols as well as 2 wild symbols. The combination of these awarded her a multiplier of 4 times bringing her winnings for this level to £2,400. In all, for this unique spin, the player accumulated winnings totaling £2,827.50.

    Even luckier though was T.C. who joined on April 10th 2012 and who has since then, regularly been on the winner’s list. While playing Treasures of Troy Slots, the player lined up an incredible combination of symbols which resulted in the game offering three payouts for 5-of-a-kind combinations. With a wager of £12, the player received winnings of £2,448 for the various 5-of-a-king to which was added a multiway payout of £1,746, bringing her total winnings to £4,194. The player moved on to Lil’ Lady Slots where she had a single line win of £2,707.50 after she lined up several wild symbols on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. Finally, when playing Captain Quid’s Treasure Quest Slots, T.C. won a total of 16 free spins with a 9 times multiplier which resulted in a payout of £5,562.

    The third winner was C.W. from Cumbria who was playing Diamond Queen Slots where she triggered a bonus game and was awarded 3 free spins. On the third of the free spins the three middle reels became wild giving a boost to the payouts which came up to a total of £2,060.

    Last but not least was D.O. who joined on June 8th 2012 and recorded his first big win on that very day. D.O. was playing Loaded Slots and received a spin payout of £78 before moving on to 16 free spins which paid a total of £435. The player decided to gamble away the total win, first selecting Hearts as the suit from which the next card would be drawn. He proved right and his win was multiplied by 4 coming up to the amount of £2,052. D.O. tried his luck once again and selected Black as the color of the next card. He guessed correctly once again and his win was again doubled bringing his final payout to £4,104.

    The LuckyJar Team

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