Winners for Celtic Casino's Spring Bank Promotion!

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    Hey Everybody!:)

    Last month for Celtic Casino we had the Spring Bank Promotion and here are the winners!!

    * 1st Place €1000 winner: Player ritouli
    * 2nd Place €100 winner: Player notune
    * 3rd Place €100 winner: Player roulfin
    * 4th Place €100 winner: Player luckyman
    * 5th Place €100 winner: Player ghozzer

    We want to congratulate the player ritouli for winning the first place prize. The top three players were very close in the rankings and it wasn't until the last minute that ritouli came out ahead in the number one position. Congratulations to all! The Spring Bank Promotion was a lot of fun for our live roulette players.

    Tomorrow we come out with a new promotion, I will tell you all about it! Stay tuned!:D

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