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    Feb 23, 2012 saw many big winners on Saturday 19th May with no less than four players hitting slots payouts between £1,800 and £6,800 all on the very same day.

    The first winner is J.T. from London who joined in late March. On her lucky day, the player was spinning away on What on Earth Slots when after 8th spins only, she lined up three scattered flying saucers on the reels which awarded her a scatter bonus of £3,150 on top of the regular game payout of £135. A bit later during the same gaming session, after having moved on to Hot Ink Slots, J.T. won some free spins which paid out £2,644 in addition to £239 which she receive during the main spin.

    V.B. from Norway was the second winner who, for his part, got lucky on Avalon Slots. The player triggered a free games bonus where he was awarded £72 and 12 free spins with a four times multiplier. On the third of the free spins, the feature was retriggered, awarding the player an additional 12 free games. In total V.B. came out of the free games round £1,774 richer.

    The third winner was L.F. from Greater London who incredibly won £3,775 on What a Hoot Slots without any bonus game or free spins round. In fact, she hit it big on two regular spins due to an propitious alignment of symbols. The first payout of £1,675 came to her when she aligned four owl symbols on the reels which game a major payout of 250 coins on line 7 as well as payouts of 80 and 5 on paylines 9 and 3 respectively. Some spins afterwards she received a scatter symbol on the first reel as well as wild symbols on reels 2 and 3. The combined payout for this spin came up to £2,100.

    Finally the last winner to strike it big on was N.C. from Birmingham who got lucky on both Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Slots and Pixies of the Forest Slots. First she received a payout of £1,620 on Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Slots for five grape symbols across the five reels. This was followed by £2,700 when she received 5 BAR symbols on the first row of the game screen. Some time afterwards, N.C. moved on to Pixies of the Forest Slots where she accumulated £2,558 from a free spins session. congratulates the lucky winners and looks forward to many more such wins.

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