Weekly Affiliate Newsletter – 17th May 2017

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    Affiliate News and Promotions:
    • May Affiliate Promotion: LadyLucks Monthly Leaderboard - We are running the new May Affiliate Promotion from the 1st of May. Prize pool of £2,500 in cash as usual ;) Check your current position and prize in the Leaderboard page
    • AGD - Affiliate Guard Dog - After their audit, we are now also a partner of AGD, You can check the IGT Partners main forum here.
    • iFrame code for the IGT games - You Asked! We released! We're providing you a single pdf file with all IGT game codes in order to embed them in your websites as free to play games to play. You will find the HTML game code in this PDF file. NB: this file will be updated weekly.

    Please feel free to get immediately in touch with us if you need support or more info about all our activities.
    Cheers :cool:

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