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    May 17, 2010
    It took you 2+ years to provide me with anything at all - and now you've all of a sudden given me everything I wanted?

    For the record, my queries in email have been the exact same as in the forums - they indicated I dont buy a bit of what you are selling!

    RE: understanding - I fully understand what your report has attempted to communicate - I simply don't buy it.

    I just recieved this new report - you appear deadset on proving that my performance was nothing without this fraud player who made off with bundle? Thats fine and dandy if I were to believe that there was in fact a fraud player for the last 3 years that took you for 175,000 - I simply don't buy it!

    No, I first contacted VA back in 2008 due to the large negatives at the end of the month(s) - not because of large deposits. I've spoken with half a dozen VA reps in the last 3 years regarding this issue!

    I guess you're the new hire thats going to get this all cleared up for the boss man...well you can take credit for shutting me up - cause I'm done with VA!

    Extremely open during this whole time? WHAT? Again, I have sent literally dozens of emails since 2008 regarding this issue and not until recently did this fraud player come out of the wood work! If anyone at VA in those previous 2-3 years would have looked at my account, as I had asked, this would have stuck out like a sore thumb since as you explain its obvious that the majority of my earnings during this time came from this one player. Several reps looked into my account during this time and noticed nothing at all unusual ... that only adds to the level suspiciousness.

    I posted the percentages above you & you agreed to those - what is posting the data as supplied going to prove? Nothing!

    What we have to get by is the fact that VA let a player walk away with (according to your data) 175,000 in 2 years time (2008-2009) with no review at all; despite me all along complaining about inconsistencies and then in 2010, when this player wasn't up, determining that the player was a fraudster and removing them from my account!

    I tend to think this has more to do with managements decision to change its terms a while back and after seeing my traffic dropping / I wasn't sending as many players the books might have been cooked ... then after 3 years of me complaining someone got the bright idea to claim that this consitent "lucky winner" was actually a fraud player.

    In the meain time - I think Vegas Affiliates should identify this player so that affiliates and casinos alike can be on the look out!

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