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    Hi everyone,

    With all the changes been made by affiliate programs the past few weeks, I realise that you must all be busy updating your sites. To help you with content, I thought I would show you how to quickly grab some banners, using our Back-Office.

    Before you go through the screenshots, I would like to remind you why now is a good time to promote us and that by following the easy steps below, you can have a banner on your site in less than 1 minute!

    • Special commission deals up to 50%
    • No Quotas
    • No Negative Carry-over
    • No limits on payout amounts
    • Custom Landing Pages available
    • 25 Free for new customers and 3 Match offers up to 2000%
    • Fast and Friendly Service
    • Great Conversion
    • Rival software – still some of the best games on the net
    So, you have signed up as an affiliate at Tropica Casino, but not sure what to do next. Below is an easy walk-through that will help you quickly create a campaign and have a banner on your site within 1-3 minutes.

    Step 1: Log in and click on Campaign Manager to load the screen shot below:

    Tropica Campaign Set-up Step 1.jpg

    You Can Create a New Campaign, Manage Current Campaigns or set up a Sub-Affiliate Campaign.

    Step 2: Click on Create at the “Create Campaign” Section:

    Tropica Campaign Set-up Step 2.jpg

    • Name the campaign
    • Choose your banner sizes
    • Choose the type of file
    • Select Landing Page URL (Here you can Select any of our Language Pages)
    • You can also select Currency
    • You can select Language
    Once you have made your selection, click on "Create" and your banners will load on the next screen:

    Step 3: Banners

    Tropica Campaign Set-up Step 3.jpg

    • In the “Note” box, type in your “Hover over Text”
    • Then check the “Add to Campaign button” for the banner/s you wish to use in your campaign
    • Then Click Finish

    Step 4: You will now see this screen:

    Tropica Campaign Set-up Step 4.jpg

    Step 5: Click on "Code" to see the HTML Code.

    Tropica Campaign Set-up Step 5.jpg

    • You can choose to have the banner take the player to the website or you can Check the 2nd Radio Button which will start the Download coded with your ID
    • You can add notes which will help you identify this particular campaign easily in your reports
    • You can also Cost the Ad to measure ROI (Return on Investment)
    Please contact us if you need assistance with your marketing or wish to discuss a deal.

    Tropica Affiliates

    Email: affiliates[@]
    Skype: tropicaaffiliates
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