Tracking Glitch No Clean Explanation and Payment delay.

Discussion in 'Brightshare' started by gstarr, Mar 19, 2012.


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    Nov 10, 2011
    Here is my post from GPWA ,

    2 Feb 2012
    I looked for january stats and saw
    Guest Regs: 19
    Real regs: 20
    Locked 1
    - and No deposits - no wagering playesr - strange ???
    but when i open up stats by casinos it shows
    by Casinos: all 0 -- 0 - 0 - 1 - 0 - 0 ???

    , asked manager Shelly to explain, "ok i will look" then no answer,

    i emailed again next day " any News?"
    answer: " team will look"
    8 february 2012
    got today an email that my stats was corrected. so i looked and what i saw : they just deleted all reg's to 0 for january and 1 stayed which was locked) , for december same glitch had 32 down's and 3 reg's but showing only 1 by casino.

    so wait for "a full in depth explanation to the report change" . ) i thought a week is enough, but no.
    22 FEB 2012
    The final explanation was that 20 reg was done in White label casinos, not in brightshare)

    WTF? i've asked what that mean - got an paragraph from wikipedia
    then i got news that Wintigo lookls like All Slots and that such a white label?!

    anybody could explain me how that sh*t can happen???

    Today post from Isaiah

    Same kind of problems for me too.

    I see 0 clicks 0 regs, nothing tracked, tried to contact with no answer yet, plus that we have 19th of March and still didn't received Feb payment.

    Anyone here?
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    Dec 13, 2006
    Brightshare will reply. They are auto-notified of posts and that is a requirement for sponsors.

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    Aug 8, 2008
    I had a problem with the drill down data not recording a few months back but the top level did show the dls, regs, guests, reals, etc.. It did get fixed.

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    Nov 11, 2007
    And my reply from GPWA:

    Hi gstarr - altho I see that your last post here was a month ago, I know that your affiliate manager, Shelley, preferred to discuss personal stats out of the public forum and that you were in email correspondence with her regarding the questions in your post. Shelley has moved on and is no longer at BrightShare so I've brought this post to the attention of your new affiliate manager, Issac ( who will be in touch with you if there are any lingering questions.

    Hi Isaiah - I've informed Danny ( your affiliate manager, of your post here, and he'll be contacting you shortly.

    Regarding Feb payments - As all of us who work in the online realm understand, sometimes there are technical issues. While we work very hard to ensure payments are processed by the 15th of the month, our T+Cs state that payments will be made by the 20th, in order to allow for these unexpected, infrequent delays. I fully expect payments to be processed today - and will keep you updated.

    Thanks - Marcia​

    Hi Slotplayer,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! As I understand your post, you had a small technical problem with our report a few months ago and it got fixed to your satisfaction.

    Sounds like the drill down wasn't showing - the data was clearly being recorded if it was all showing in the totals at the top level.

    BrightShare prides itself on thorough and accurate reports. There will always be glitches - it's our job to identify the glitch and get it fixed quickly.

    Thanks - Marcia

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    Aug 8, 2008
    yes, just before you went on vaca and you followed up with me when you returned to ensure it was remedied. I appreciated that.

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