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    As you might know, Wagerjunction offers a 5% sub-affiliate commission (or 2nd tier commission).

    We realise that the sub affiliate code is not as prominent as it should be on Wagerjunction, and the reason for this is down to the software that we use. For some reason Playtech has chosen not to make the 2nd tier code an integral part of the program. They do have it but it is not featured prominently.

    We do have information on the site regarding the 2nd tier code:

    2nd Tier Sub Affiliate program!
    Refer webmasters to the Wagerjunction casino affiliate program and earn a share of their profits. Our 2nd-Tier program offers webmasters 5% of the net earnings of other webmasters that you refer to the affiliate program. To earn this you do need to refer webmasters using your 2nd tier link that we provide below. As the code is not readily available in the Affiliate program we have pasted the link ihere for you:

    http: //

    Please substitute the "your_username" part of the link with your individual username to ensure you are credited with any 2nd tier sign ups.

    If you have any queries regarding the above do not hesitate to contact us.

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