Rio’s calling! Two new sports and poker campaigns

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    Dear Affiliate

    Veikkaushuone is boosting betting in Rio competitions by launching a new campaign on Friday, 5th August.

    In “Betsiputki” (“Betting Streak”), your players place Rio bets every day, daily sum being €10 or more. The player who makes the longest consecutive streak wins €1,000.

    There will be only one winner who’ll get the whole prize money.

    At the same time, Pokerihuone is arranging three special poker tournaments called “Sprinttiturnaukset” (“Sprint Tournaments”). Dates and prize pots are as follows:

    • Monday, 8th August (€1,000)
    • Monday, 15th August (€1,200)
    • Monday, 22th August (€1,200)
    To participate, your players bet on Rio competitions in the preceding week with €10 or more. This means that with the same bets you can participate in both campaigns.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Shaun O’Neill
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