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    Hey #FirstName#

    Is it really November already? Are you sure? We must be having some serious fun if time is flying by so quickly. And my dad always says the older you get, the faster it goes!

    This month we have a pretty awesome new tool (don't they just keep getting better EVERY month?) as well as a short testimonial from one of our affiliates.

    Nominations for the affiliate awards has closed by now, but keep your eyes open for when the real voting starts - more details will be in the December newsletter:


    Have a great November guys!

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    Suggestion boxes have been incorporated into programs and websites for a long time, but noone is yet to create one for the affiliate arena.

    This tool will pop up on your screen showing a range of suggestions for your visitor based on the page they're reading.

    This tool can be found under Marketing Tools > Suggestion Box.

    Any feedback on this tool can be sent to support@RewardsAffiliates.com


    As many of you know, we are to this day the only aff program in our industry to offer this awesome feature. Affiliates can park their unused domains and be rewarded on type-in traffic by getting a commission on the players that come through, rather than being paid small change per click.

    Our Domain Parking tool is now available in a range of languages so the English domains are not the only ones to benefit now.

    You can find this tool under Marketing Tools > Domain Parking.

    If you need any help setting this up, please don't hesitate to let us know!


    We thought this month we would give a little inspiration from two affiliates who went from 0 to amazing earnings in a matter of months only working part-time and were able to take their dream trip to the US all due to their commissions earned.

    You can do it too :)

    "Hi Renee:)

    We're so fine, because we are on the roadtrip through U.S. (from Chicago to L.A.) with another two guys. One of our stop was Las Vegas - unique and unforgettable place. We tried a slots machines and poker, but haven't a luck.. But on the other hand, we are so much happy of our commision, because thanks to them (CasinoRewards) we can be there and spend a great time."



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