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    Hey there!

    There is a lot going on this month at Rewards Affiliates: We have a brand new bonus live on Nostalgia Casino, another awesome new marketing tool available just in time for the World Cup, and speaking of the World Cup, we have a HUGE promo ready to blow your players out of the water with the chance to win a share in a whopping $750,000 prize giveaway. This is a great opportunity for you as an affiliate to use this promotion as an easy acquisition tool, after all what player wouldn't want a chance to win one of these totally awesome prizes? Check out the info below to get started.

    Who will win the World Cup? It's such a touchy subject around the office being as multi-cultural as we all are.. My heart is with Australia though ;)

    On top of this we are also giving you an opportunity to take advantage of your French traffic in June.

    As always if there is anything you guys need over and above what we already have, or even if you'd just like to give me some feedback perhaps on the tools we've been pushing out lately, send me an email! I'd love to hear from you!

    That's all from me for June. Keep it real folks!

    To change subscription, go to http://cr.crnewsletter.com/main/unsub.asp


    That's right guys, Casino Rewards is giving away a whopping $750,000 in prizes in conjunction with the much anticipated World Cup 2010. This is an amazing opportunity at easy acquisition for your sites, as well as giving your players an outstanding chance at winning a share of this HUGE prize pool.

    There's not really much you have to do to get this baby going. Banners are available on the affiliate site as we speak. Each newly registered player to any of our 19 casinos will receive a special invitation to participate in this promotion and just by registering at the casino, your players will receive 1 free entry into this draw valued at $£€50!

    For every $£€50 deposited at the casino, the player will receive 1 ticket into the draw. The more tickets they receive, the higher their chance of winning. This also means you stand to make some big bucks during this promotion from your players.

    Every website and landing page comes equipped with a short video on the promotion, making it even easier for you to acquire players during this promo.

    It's never been easier to get new players!

    £€$750,000 World Cup Giveaway
    - refers to the total pool of bonuses that will given out throughout the promotion.

    £€$10,000 Lifestyle Upgrade
    - All players who opt in to our World Cup Giveaway mailers – will receive free entry to win a self-selected prize pack. Players will be given 1 FREE Ticket upon opt in!

    - All players will be directed to a Flash promo page, where they can choose an Entertainment pack or a Whitegoods Pack to customise and submit as the prize they wish to win.

    - Every £€$50 spent (cumulative)at the casino from opt-in until the end of the promo will earn 1 ticket into the draw to win the "Lifestyle Upgrade".

    Begins: 2 June 2010 at 00:01 GMT
    Ends: 11 July 2010 at 23:59 GMT
    1.*Each player is added into the draw under their Casino Rewards account details.
    2.*The promotion is valid on all deposits made on all Casino Rewards accounts.
    3.*Entry into the “Lifestyle Upgrade” is upon selection of prizes via the promo page only
    4.*Tickets awarded on total of all purchases made between 2 June and 11 July 2010.
    5.*Every cumulative £€$50 spent = 1 ticket.
    6.*Ticket numbers are rounded down i.e. £€$98 = 1 ticket.
    7.*Tickets are based on a final count of cumulative purchases made by completion of promotion at
    23:59GMT, 11 July 2010.
    8.*Winner will be drawn at random on 12 July 2010 and contacted within 7 days of the prize draw. All
    reasonable endeavours will be made to contact the winner during this time. If a winner cannot be
    contacted or is not available, Casino Rewards reserves the right to re-draw another winner.
    9.*Winner must provide a digital photograph of themselves and a testimonial for Casino Rewards to use
    in marketing activities before receiving prizes.
    10.*Prize graphics and descriptions are for illustration purposes only. Casino Rewards reserves the right
    to replace any item with another of equivalent value depending on availability.
    11.*Initial prize combinations selected by player are final and cannot under any circumstances be
    changed at a later date.
    12.*Allow 28 days for delivery of prizes.
    13.*Any activity deemed fraudulent, abuse of the promotional offer, or any other act in infringement of
    Casino Rewards general terms & conditions will result in the withdrawal of tickets or forfeiture of
    14.*Casino Rewards accepts no liability for any damage to prizes occurring during transit, or faults
    occurring during subsequent use - prizes are covered by manufacturer warranty only.
    15.*Prizes won in “Lifestyle Upgrade” may be exchanged for bonus money up to a value of €£$10,000.
    16.*€£$10,000 is maximum value of largest prize option available in the “Lifestyle Upgrade”.
    17.*€£$750,000 is estimated total of all available bonus money and prize value during promotion.
    18.*In the unlikely event that total ticket count shown on promo page does not reflect actual ticket count,
    please wait 24 hours for our system to refresh the data.
    19.*Casino Rewards reserves the right to make final decisions in the event of dispute and to amend the
    Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
    20.*Player recognises that in addition to terms stated above, they are also bound by all General
    Promotion Terms and Conditions, as well as General Casino Terms and Conditions as per our
    casino websites.


    To coincide with the World Cup we are once again releasing not only one but TWO new marketing tools this month - The Streaker and the Rollover Banner!

    This guy/gal streaker kicks a football across the screen holding a flag that shows the bonus for the displayed casino. You can totally customise this one by choosing the gender of the streaker, the amount of time they stay on the screen, the colour of the flag, and the casino shown as well as the language of the text and currency of the bonus.

    You can find this awesome tool under Marketing Tools > Streaker Banner.

    The Rollover Banner is debuting this month with a video promoting the world cup promotion (as seen in this newsletter).

    The video will start as a 200x200 sized banner and when rolled over will expand into a fully fledged World Cup promotion video showing the player the details of the promotion as well as giving them the opportunity to click through and register at the casino (through your aff id of course ;) )

    This one can be found under Marketing Tools > Rollover Banner.

    More banners will be available in this series during the next few months so keep your eye on the newsletters for more info.

    Any questions or comments, please let us know at support@RewardsAffiliates.com.


    We decided to revamp the sign up bonus for Nostalgia Casino – the new sign up bonus is now:

    First Deposit –Purchase $1 get $20
    Second Deposit - $20 for $20
    Third Deposit - $50 for $50

    Please log into Rewards Affiliates here to collect new banners and here for mailers.

    Should you need more marketing materials please feel free to contact us to request them.


    June marks the start of the European summer and with that we would like to offer a whopping 60% commission on all new French players coming through in June AND July for June and July earnings. Don’t miss this opportunity to push your commissions through the roof!!

    Get in touch with us to see how you could get in on this amazing offer :)


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    Thanks Renee,

    Hope all is well, sorry I didn't get back to you Thursday or when ever it was. But you know me ;D

    How was the midnight movie?



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    Apr 24, 2009
    No probs mate..

    Missed you yesterday as I left the office at 12.30. Been flat out today so haven't had a chance to email you.

    Midnight movie was awesome.. Will definitely be going to see it again..

    Talk to you soon.

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