Poker Yachting Lucky Hands promotion- up to 30k!

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    Take part on the Lucky Hands promotion at Yachting Poker- they are up to 30K in prizes!

    Different hand strength will earn you different points for the leaderboards.

    When can you start?

    Players can right away and it will run until the 26th of April.

    How does this promo works?

    Only your first 50 raked hands (hands where you see a flop) played daily will count but by playing the right stakes you can take part to ALL leader boards. Furthermore different hand strength will earn you different points

    Different hand strength will earn you different points for the leaderboards!

    If you are lucky and hit a straight or a royal flush within your first 50 daily hands and climb up to the top of the weekly leader board quick.

    Also as soon as you play 100 raked hands daily you will gain access to the "€250 Freeroll 100RH Lucky Hand" running daily at 9:10 PM CET.

    Leaderboard prize money will be shared as follow:

    4 x €2,900 for the Weekly Leader Board.
    €18,000 to the Monthly Leader Board.

    Terms and conditions
    1. This promotion is valid only for Texas Holdem NL real money cash games (Heads up game play excluded).
    2. The promotion runs from March 30th till April 26th, 2015.
    3. Weekly Leader Board lasts from each Monday till Sunday (CET). Only the first 50 raked hands per day will count.
    4. Monthly Leader Board lasts from March 30th till April 26th (CET). Only the first 200 raked hands per day will count.
    5. Any player found to be soft playing or colluding, will have their poker account frozen.
    6. Players must play their hands independently. Players cannot tell opponents what to do or to reveal their hand to other players. Any contravention of this will result in the player(s) being disqualified from the leader board.
    7. Any and all winners will be subjected to rigorous checks from our security teams before any leader board prizes are awarded. Payouts will be made within 48 hours of the last promo period ending.
    8. Leaderboards are updated as often as possible they are subject to change.
    9. The management reserves the right to cancel, deny or suspend the promotion without prior notice.

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