PlayAttack presents $600 000 contest: Stream Apocalypse x2

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    Hello everybody!

    We want to invite you to our second streamers contest!

    Special for streamers in the beginning of 2018 we conducted a contest with $300,000 prize fund. The contest took three months and during this period we had 5 qualifying stages and one grand final. Streamers went live everyday and a lot of new people joined our affiliate program and became popular on the web.

    So we decided to give this amazing contest one more try and now present you Stream Apocalypse x2!

    This time the prize fund is $600,000! We will be glad to see everyone who decides to be part of this epic contest.

    If you have experience in streaming in other verticals, don’t hesitate to make the most of your streaming skills with our brands. Don’t miss your chance to become famous and take your place in the winners table.
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