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    -------------- Affiliate Guard Dog Agrees to the Terms Below --------------------

    Minimum Payment?: No
    Negative Carry Over no loss carried forward.
    (site FAQ) we assume all liability for commission generated in the negative and will not ask you to pay back the difference. Any loss on a month will not be carried over.

    Revenue Sharing?: Earn up to 40%(site FAQ)Affiliate CommissionRevenue Scale25% Net RevenueUp to $10,000 Net Gaming30% Net Revenue$10,001 – $30,000 Net Gaming35% Net Revenue$30,001 – $70,000 Net Gaming40% Net Revenue$70,001 + Net Gaming

    CPA Details?: Contact Affiliate Manager
    Tiered Revenue Sharing?: (site FAQ) Our 5% tier program allows you to earn commission from all affiliates who sign up to using your affiliate referral linking code.

    -------------- Affiliate Guard Dog Overall Analysis --------------------

    Summary: Partner Nordica overall has satisfactory terms and they seem to be in good favor towards affilates.
    NOTE: The program does offer a CPA deal via contact with the Affiliate Manager only.

    Visit Partner Nordica at: Nordica Partners

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