New Promotions for April & updated affiliate software.

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    Feb 19, 2009
    Two recent events at LiveCasinoPartners. The new affiliate tracking upgrade from IncomeAccess has been released. The upgrade helps affiliates get the information they need faster. It really does in my opinion. It seems like IA has taken a whole lot of recommendations and implemented them.

    If you are promoting other programs that use the Income Access platform then you will notice that they too have been upgraded or will be soon. The control panel is intuitive, but if you need help finding a particular feature PM me.

    Last months promotions for Saint Patrick's Day at LuckyLiveCasino were a big success. Players were very happy to receive their new 3rd gen Nanos. Those who opted for the player account deposits were also thrilled. It has always been my goal to provide affiliates with content to blog about. Frequent promotions that vary from the 100% bonuses help you do just that. If you have a blog, blog about it. For that matter I suggest keeping your content fresh for all of the programs you promote. From a SEO perspective, Google loves fresh content.

    The new promotion for April is a new 53in LCD HD TV. If you use the affiliate code for "Special Monthly Promotions (Auto Update)" you will not have to update the banners for this promotion. They have been recently updated to the new promotion. That means less work for you.

    If anyone needs any special creatives please PM me.

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