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Lifland Affiliates is considered Predatory, click here if you still want to visit their site
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    Due to Predatory Terms:

    5.10. The Company reserves the right to set limits for a minimum level of activity on Affiliate%u2019s accounts. Such minimum activity levels will be continuously reviewed and the Company reserves the right to reduce the Affiliate%u2019s Commission/change the Affiliate%u2019s Reward Plan or even terminate any agreement not reaching the limit. Such limit shall not be unreasonably high and reflect the intention of avoiding accounts where the revenue does not cover the Company%u2019s internal costs for maintaining the account and the payout procedure.

    2.13. Affiliate is required to refer a minimum of 1 new signup per month in each and every month while affiliate is a member of this Agreement. In the event of the affiliate delivering less than 1 new depositing player per month, affiliate account will be suspended. Company reserves the right to amend this minimum new signup requirement in relation to individual Affiliates upon reasonable notice to such Affiliates.
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