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    Minimum Activity Rule
    Paddy Power has the right to reduce the revenue share of affiliates, or to terminate this Agreement and remove such affiliates, who do not deliver at least one new Customer in a given calendar month. We will notify you by email where such a reduction or termination will occur. Accounts that are inactive for a longer period (e.g. where you have failed to deliver at least one new Customer in the last six months) may also incur an administrative fee but no such administrative fee will be deducted from your account prior to our having made reasonable efforts to contact you via the contact details last provided by you to Paddy Power. The administrative fee will be applied against the payments (including future payments) that would otherwise be payable to you. If you have any queries regarding inactive accounts, please contact us for further information.
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    They (Paddy Power) pull this shite because they're sure no one will challenge this unethical, and frankly, white collar theft, in a court of law.

    @ThePOGG - The Paddy Power retroactive quotas etc., etc., doesn't affect me. I've never worked with them. But, I'd be willing to throw some cash into the war-chest, if you were to go ahead with the plan to commence that legal-challenge-consortium.

    I would hope that other affiliates can see the merit in taking legal action, and essential a stand on this issue. If we continue to let stuff like this slide, it sends a clear message to other programs, and subsequently, we will ALL see our income leeched in the end!
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