May Commissions Paid - The Most Yet

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    Sep 3, 2014
    Hi All,

    Meant to post this earlier, since our payments were processed on the 2nd, which is our only way of doing business: paying our affiliates as soon as possible (2nd business day of the month).

    Looking back, May was our biggest month to date by quite some margin both in terms of new funded players, total deposits, and commissions paid. If you're reading this and you don't promote our brands why not give us a try at 60% NGR for the first two months (I am even happy to extend the offer until you send your first players), or contact me if you want to work on a Hybrid basis.

    We're a little different to other programs out there in that we answer to you. So drop me an email and let's work together.

    I will also be at Amsterdam surrounded by giggly models wearing milkmaid costumes, AND will be giving away sunglasses (retail value in excess of $5.00 a pair!) to combat bleary-eye syndrome. So stop by and say hello.


    Marc Weinberg
    Full Cream Affiliates / White Hat Gaming
    EMAIL: marc (at) fullcreamaffiliates (dot) com

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