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Discussion in 'Windows Casino' started by wagerjunction, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    We have recently received a few complaints from affiliates who were unable to log in to their Wager Junction Affiliate Accounts on an on and off basis. On top of this the password recovery feature seemed to be going awry.

    We wish to reassure you that we have already taken up this issue with Playtech and are closely following up on this in order to ensure this is sorted out within the best delays.

    This is the response we got from our team dealing with Playtech:

    Playtech maintains there are/were no problems so we're not really making headway and I can only assume they haven't received any complaints from other operators and affiliates. I'm still awaiting a final response but in the meantime they've advised that if affiliates continue to have these issues, they should record and send us the exact time (including time zone) they were unable to login (together with their username) and Playtech will investigate this on a server log level.

    We noted that the page where you request the password is not working if you try log in again . Again this is a Playtech hosted page and we are working on fixing it ASAP.

    Once you get your password - go back to the main site page and you will be able to log in . Apologies for all of this inconvenience. We are talking to them constantly re these issues and hopefully they will be resolved in due course.

    As you can see, the first feedback we received from Playtech is not encouraging but we are nipping at their heels and insisting that there must be something wrong and that they ought to fix it.

    I will be keeping you updated and if you experience similar issues in the meantime, do get back to me.

    Thank you.


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