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    Dec 3, 2019
    Dear Affiliates

    I am happy to inform you that the month of July is now closed and we are in a position to receive your invoices and pay any commissions that are due.

    Please ensure that your invoices include the following:

    • Full company name, address, registration number and VAT ID or, in case you are not required to have one, your Tax ID
    • If you state the invoice under Reverse Charge (articles 193 ff. of the EU VAT Directive) or you are VAT EXEMPT you must clearly state the reason why on the invoice
    • In the description ensure your commissions are broken down by account and the month that the commission was generated in
    • Valid bank info including a IBAN
    • Your username for each of the accounts you are invoicing for
    • If you have multiple accounts please include everything one invoice – (we do need one invoice per month per account)
    • Any un-invoiced balances from previous months ensure that these are all included on the one invoice
    • All invoices must be sent to affiliate-invoice@rabbitent.com invoices sent to another will not be processed.
    Any invoices that don’t include the above will not be paid and will be rolled over until the correct information is provided.

    We would like to thank you for you continued support.


    Shaun O’Neill
    Head of Affiliate Marketing
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