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    Nov 6, 2012
    It's been a sweaty few months for all of us at commission365! We have been working around the clock making all sorts of improvements to our product offerings and, although we'll be divulging more in a newsletter coming your way soon, we thought we'd send you a brief notification regarding our latest development now...

    One of our great brands, Indio Casino, has just had a bit of a website revamp. Although most of you who are already marketing this subcontinental powerhouse will already be happy with the casino's performance, we are always looking to make things even better for you. This website update focuses on a revamped homepage that brings it more in line with our other casino brands, Grand Reef Casino and African Palace Casino, and is designed to increase download rates (and ultimately more new depositing players!) by being more attractive and more informative.

    We think it's a great improvement and, in the mere hours that it's been live, are already seeing strong signs that it will result in improved acquisition and conversion across the board. If you have access to targeted traffic from India, and you're not marketing Indio Casino, then you're missing out!


    If you have any questions regarding Indio Casino, please feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager or e-mail us at

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