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    Acceptable Terms

    Affiliate Payment Date?:
    Payments are processed by the 7th working day of each month.

    Negative Carryover?:
    yes Negative balances DO carry over, however, forgiveness of negative balances, in part or in whole, can be applied for by contacting management. The decision of managemant is final.

    Minimum Payment?:
    As of now it stands at a $250 min payout via check. This will be monitored and updated in the next few months.All commissions shall be paid to you on a monthly basis, within approximately 30 days following the end of each month, unless frequency specified otherwise. shall be entitled to set-off from the amount of commission to be paid to you any associated costs related to the transfer of such commission. In the event that the commission to be paid to you in any calendar month is less than $250USD (the "Minimum Amount" as of Mar 7, 2007, subject to change), shall not be obligated to make the payment until such time as the commission is equal to or greater than the Minimum Amount.

    Revenue Share Percentage?: Up to 35% net losses scaled

    With the Net Losses plan, you'll earn between 25% and 35% from the Sportsbook, Casino, Poker Room and Horsebook's combined wagering activity depending on the total net revenues earned each calendar month

    Commission Level Revenue Level
    25% up to $15,000
    30% $15,001-$30,000
    35% > $30,001

    For example, if your total net revenues in August is $5000, you will receive 25% commission from that amount for the month but if your net revenues increase to $16,000 in September, your commission rate will increase to 30% commission for the month.
    Revenue Share: The customer must deposit $25 and wager $25, not including bonuses.

    CPA Details?: 20% of initial deposit
    Fixed CPA commissions: Available upon request Email us and propose us your scheme!
    CPA Level Requirements
    $70 CPA Min. Initial Deposit $35
    $100 CPA Min. Initial Deposit $50
    CPA: The customer must wager a minimum of $35 not including bonuses.

    Tiered Revenue Sharing?: There is atwo-tier sub affiliate system that allows you to earn profits from referring other webmasters to the program. When you refer other affiliates to this network you will collect 2% from their monthly earnings.

    Our overall analysis: Horse Profits terms are standard and used throughout the industry, they seem to be willing to make appropriate changes if needed in the terms and they are very conscious of the affiliates and any concerns that may arise. They are suffering from lack of payment options to affiliates at this time as well as many others in the industry so they added a minimum payout rule on some payments which is understandable for now. We feel the Negative Carry over can be unsavory but all in all this program is worth promoting to affiliates. The affiliate manager has worked very close with us to make many changes that are to benefit all affiliates, kudus to Aaron Black!

    Affiliate Guard Dog feels this is an acceptable program to work with and the terms are very favorable towards affiliates

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