Here is our Newsletter for October! Check it out!

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    Hi Everybody!

    I hope you are having a great month so far! If you celebrate Halloween then I hope you have a great one, if you dont then nevermind!

    This month we are covering information about Promotions & Banners! A few reminder and info that we think will be useful for you!

    Here are our topics for this month:

    1. Second month for Celtic Casino’s Live Tournament is underway!
    2. Lucky Live Casino’s Live Casino Tournament has been having great success!
    3. One more month left on Celtic Casino’s 2011 Honda Interceptor Promotion!
    4. Reminder about our clown Banners for Celtic Casino!

    If any of these topics catch your eye then go ahead and check the full Newsletter out at October Newsletter

    If you have any questions at all or are interested in promoting our brands then please contact me at

    Talk to you soon!

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