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    Oct 29, 2017

    We started working with Playattack again with a CPA deal and got to do it for under a month and it was stated to us that Playattack has to stop all traffic with CPA deals because a antifraud tool is needed for the upcoming MGA license. This would take 2-3 months. Shame as things was going quite well. Just interested if this was the case for all affiliates and why do you still advertise CPA deals for example here and on your affiliate site?
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    Mar 3, 2017
    Dear Agentti,
    CPA plan was temporarily suspended for everyone, therefore some affiliates agreed to change the plan for the revshare model on this period. CPA offer is not removed from the site because we don’t plan to refuse using it completely. We are working to be able to accept the CPA model again shortly.

    Obtaining MGA license is a complex process and a serious step for our brands. We do this because we have been working honestly and transparently for many years. We do everything we can to accept your traffic again with the best conversion rates and under MGA license.

    Thank you for your kind words about enjoying working with us. We are also very glad with our cooperation and do our best to launch it as soon as possible.

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