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    GA Partners - GA Partners terms and conditions are now 100% affiliate-friendly and certified. The casinos you can promote are: Golden Arch Casino and Golden Arch Poker.

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    [goodterm] SPAM AGREEMENT[/goodterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Spam Terms [/newtermtitle]
    Any form of spam will result in your account being closed and all funds due being withheld. You need to be aware that our Clients are liable to incur expenses in dealing with spam generated mail and these same expenses will be deducted from your account should our client seek recourse. In this instance the amount determined by the relative client will be fair and deemed final and acceptable based on good faith and such amount will be collectable by law and deemed to have been accepted by yourself as fair and reasonable and as agreed to by registration as an affiliate of GA Partners.

    Should these expenses not be covered by funds in your account we reserve the right to investigate other alternative means for obtaining payment including recourse to file a claim against you for unpaid amounts.[/newterm]

    [warning] BONUS PLAYERS CLAUSE[/warning]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Bonus Abuse [/newtermtitle]
    Further, should an affiliate develop a pattern of bringing in players that only take advantage of any introductory or welcome bonus and then leave the casino (known as "Bonus Hunters" or "Bonus Abusers"), we reserve the right to suspend the affiliate account without prior communication until further notice. Again, we reserve the right to retain all amounts due to you under this Agreement if we have reasonable cause to believe that such Bonus Hunter/Bonus Abuser traffic has been caused with your knowledge.[/newterm]

    [goodterm] COMMISSIONS[/goodterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Payment Date [/newtermtitle]
    GA Partners shall process payments to webmasters for the month within fourteen (14) business days following the close of the month and shall make available at a designated URL ("") a statement providing in reasonable detail the basis for such payment.[/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Chargeback Policy [/newtermtitle]
    Whether due to fraudulent activity, insufficient funds, or other reasons, the reversed amount will be deducted from the affiliate earnings as soon as it is noticed and able to be applied to the affiliate account. We attempt to deduct any possible Charge backs the month they are realized, if not then we will deduct from the next month.[/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Commissions Structure [/newtermtitle]
    "Applicable Percentage" is defined as the percentage, calculated monthly, set forth below for the service during the month from which the Player Total Deposits were derived:

    2. On Player Total Deposits in the month up to and including $9,999 = 25%
    3. On Player Total Deposits in the month over $10,000 - $19,999 = 30%
    4. On Player Player Total Deposits in the month over $20,000 = 35%[/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Negative Carryover [/newtermtitle]
    GA Partners does not carryover negative balances month to month unless a Charge back was not successfully reported and applied to the previous month. In all cases, barring a charge back that has been carried over, the affiliates account will be zeroed out at the beginning of the next month. In short, negative balances incurred due to charge backs will carryover until the cost is recovered.[/newterm]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Minimum Payment [/newtermtitle]
    You can request a payment once your balance has reached a minimum of $200. These are the options for withdrawing your earnings.

    * Check (sent by USPS)
    * Neteller (Non-US, international only)
    * Bank wire

    NOTE: This is taken from the 'Our Programs' webpage at:[/newterm]

    [warning] COMMISSIONS[/warning]

    [newterm][newtermtitle] Tiered Revenue Sharing [/newtermtitle]
    Tiered Revenue Sharing is not mentioned in either the Terms and Conditions or on the website.[/newterm]


    [newterm][newtermtitle] Termination [/newtermtitle]
    The outstanding referral fees on the account will be paid in full, assuming no profits are earned whilst under violation of the terms of this agreement[/newterm]

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    Regarding the tiered system. I have only just added that to the program and I will be updating the Terms and Conditions soon. It will be a standard addition with a set percentage of sub-affiliate commissions being paid to the parent advertiser.

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