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    Dear Affiliate

    How about a nice cup of coffee for your players? This September is all about coffee. At we like to offer localy targeted campaigns, and as a Finnish brand the target audience is of course Finns. And boy do they like coffee. Did you know that an average Finn consumes 10 kilos of coffee a year? The newest campaign at offers your players two opportunities to win free coffee. We don’t mean a cup of coffee, but lots and lots of coffee.

    One campaign, two ways to win:

    1) WIN ONE YEAR’S SUPPLY OF COFFEE. Yes, that’s true: Your players can get 60 packs of coffee. All one has to do, is to guess how many coffee beans can fit in the jar pictured on the campaign page.Just register, go to the campaign page, and give a lucky guess. The most accurate guess wins!

    2) WIN 3 MONTHS’ COFFEE SUPPLY. So there’s MORE: When one deposits with the bonus codeKAHVI a lottery ticket is granted for each euro the player deposits: And your players are in a raffle to win12 packs of coffee. Your players can add value to their deposit by participating in the lottery and getting the chance to win 12 packs of coffee.
    The campaign runs from 12th September to 25th September.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


    Shaun O’Neill
    Head of Affiliate Marketing
    Skype: oneillshaun

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