Fortune Affiliates continues to condone spamming

Discussion in 'Fortune Affiliates' started by Vladi, Mar 13, 2012.


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    A couple of weeks ago, some of my inboxes started getting reamed by spam for various casinos from a sender titled "OurPlay". All of them are sent from .in domains (Indian?). When I say "reamed" I mean receiving the same message 2, 3, or 4 times a day, every day for weeks. Every message has a "report spam" and "unsubscribe" link, and most of them are advertising Royal Vegas casino.

    The fact that I received the same spam on multiple addresses allowed me to perform a simple experiment to prove what I have assumed happens all the time with these sorts of things - i.e. you email the affiliate program and they remove your address from the list and the spam continues to everyone else.

    First I clicked the unsubscribe and report spam links for one address only. I then emailed Fortune several times with copies of the emails on that same address and asked for the affiliate accounts to be shut down. The spam continued for at least a week on that address before it stopped. Sadly I am still receiving it on 2 other addresses that have been bought or stolen.

    The only conclusions that I can draw are that either the unsubscribe link worked eventually and Fortune did nothing and just ignored my emails (they never replied). Or Fortune forwarded my address to the spammers and had it removed from their list, but did nothing to stop the spammers hitting the rest of the list.

    Either way it is clear that Fortune Affiliates condones and even supports spammers working for them.

    To be fair, Fortune aren't the only ones working with these spammers. They are also spamming for EuroPalace (WinGate Affiliates) and others which I cannot recall for now.

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    I'm getting loads of these too, maybe four or five a day to the email add I use mostly for aff programs

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