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    [gterm][gtermhead]Commissions - Payment Date[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    We will pay you referral and bounty fees on a monthly basis, by the 15th day of each month via Cheque, Wire Transfer, NETeller, PaySpark or Casino account. All payments will be due and paid in United States dollars.[/gtermmain][/gterm]

    [wterm][wtermhead]Commissions - Negative Carryover[/wtermhead][wtermmain]
    If the account commission balance is in a negative position (e.g. because total customer winnings have exceeded total customer losses) the balance will be carried over to the following month until the balance regains its positive position.[/wtermmain][/wterm]

    [gterm][gtermhead]Commissions - Minimum Payment[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    Earn United does not make commission payments less than $100 per payment. If $100 in Affiliate Commissions are not achieved in any given month, the earned amount will be carried over to the next calendar month and continue to accumulate until at least $100 minimum is generated.[/gtermmain][/gterm]

    [gterm][gtermhead]Casino Commissions - Revenue Share[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    Earn United pays a standard 25% to 40% referral fee on Net Revenue generated by the affiliate. There no other fees or deductions are made on to the affiliate commission. Processing fees and security reserves are absorbed by Earn United.[/gtermmain][/gterm]

    [gterm][gtermhead]Casino Commissions - CPA[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    Affiliates will earn a fixed referral fee based on each new depositing customer of $100 or more.[/gtermmain][/gterm]

    [gterm][gtermhead]Casino Commissions - Sub-Affiliate (Tiered)[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    Tier 1 (affiliates underneath you) 5% of affiliate's earnings
    Tier 2 (affiliates underneath them - Tier 1) 2.5% of affiliate's earnings[/gtermmain][/gterm]

    [gterm][gtermhead]Chargeback Policy[/gtermhead][gtermmain]
    2.1 Chargebacks/Fraud

    A chargeback is defined as non-collectable receivable usually, but not limited to, VISA/MASTERCARD as a result of customer non payment or fraudulent credit card use. Fraud is defined as an noncollectable credit card charge because of fraudulent activity. Earn United is not responsible for chargebacks. All Chargeback and credit amounts will be deducted from your payment. A negative balance due to fraudulent/chargeback cost will be carried over on the affiliate's commission.
    Chargeback and credit fees will be paid to the credit card companies and will be administered by us. [/gtermmain][/gterm]

    See the Full Terms and Conditions at: Earn United Terms & Conditions

    Thank you for Simone and Ryan who have helped Earn United become an affiliate-friendly program!!! See the full terms alert for the changes which resulted in this status change:

    Earn United Terms Alert

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    Earn United thanks you

    Thank you to Andy and his team for being so diligent in helping us ensure we put our best foot forward and offer a great program to affiliates. We are all about partnership promotion. Here's to 2009 and beyond.;D

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