CWC Affiliates Change Commissions Fees

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    CWC Affiliates have made a change to their terms which increases the fee charge for Wire Payments (This will affect many US-based affiliates) and have put in place a provision which allows them to charge fees from ANY processing company to their affiliates.

    [newterm][newtermtitle]TERMS UPDATE - COMMISSIONS FEES[/newtermtitle]

    4.3 Marketing Fees. You will be paid for your marketing efforts based upon the agreed percentage of Net Revenues generated on your Tracker(s) per calendar month.

    4.4 Payment Schedule. We pay all Marketing Fees within ten (10) days of the close of each calendar month, by payment method you have indicated. The payments methods available are subject to change and can be located on our website. If you prefer wire, there is a $35.00 50.00 wire fee, per wire, which will be deducted from your payments. We may in our sole discretion require that payments in excess of $1,000.00 be wired to your account. We also reserve the right to deduct the processing costs from marketing fees paid by any other means.

    [summary]Summary: It appears that CWC is now going to charge affiliates for processing fees from the various processors and have upped the wire fee to $50.00 per transaction[/summary]

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