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    Jan 21, 2009
    Hi all,

    we are making some changes today on our affiliate program so you may see some little changes happening or little bugs (such as not being able to login) which we are sorting.

    Please be aware that tracking and reporting is unaffected.

    The changes we are making relate to merging the ClubUSA and Aladdins Gold accounts so that you need just a single login to obtain your marketing tools and stats.

    All will be cool shortly and the change benefits us all!

    Thanks for listening and sorry if this causes any inconvenience in the interim.

    Some affiliate will have been notified of changes to their username as a result of this change, this does not affect everyone, just those that we contacted. The change informs those contacted affiliate that your username remains the same apart from the addition of '_AGC' on the end.

    Account name: martyb
    Now becomes: martyb_AGC

    Again, this only affect a limited number of affiliates who had multiple accounts in our system with the same username. If you havent received this email...dont panic.

    Links will remain unaffected during this change.


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