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    We have marked Casino Coins with a 'Warning' Terms Icon

    Casino Coins is yet another program that have implemented a 'Big Winner' clause. The difference here is that their clause is not predatory. A predatory clause would be one that 'steals' affiliate income.

    This term is RETROACTIVE, meaning that it applies to affiliates regardless of their active contract.

    [​IMG] Casino Coins High Roller Term Specifics:

    1. Retroactively Applied
    2. Month 1 Earnings are NOT lost
    3. Net Win of $25,000 is considered a 'High Roller'
    Full Terms Alert: Casino Coins High Roller Terms Alerts

    The image below shows that with immediate fencing, you will NOT lose your first month's income from your remaining players at Casino Coins. This is definitely the proper way to fence large winners.


    It is also good to note that this term will MOST LIKELY not affect you at all. Remember - winners MUST hit $25k to be considered a big winner at Casino Coins.

    As such, we have labeled CC with a warning terms icon until which time our new system is rolled out - where we will be able to more clearly define programs and their terms changes.

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