Are Gocasinoclub, Crazyslotscasinoclub and Goldencasinoclub BCP brands?

Discussion in 'Best Casino Partner' started by maphesto, May 3, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2010
    These are Top Game casinos nowadays. They are, according to their sites, not connected to any affiliate programs at all. ???

    When checking their sites you can see a lot of strange things:

    1. that their cashiers e-check vouchers fax number is Winwards number.

    2. They don't list affiliate programs on their site. This means that thay either use all Winwards (Revenue Giants) lists or they use old ones (from affys they stole from last year if they are BCP...).

    3. The promotions calendar is equal to Winwards

    4. The leaderboard has same players at same places as Winward.

    Also, the phone number to the mentioned BCP-casinos is at one place found at 7spins page.

    Malci at Revenue Giants claims that RG don't promote the three mentioned casinos.

    How do they reach players?

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