APCW Audit on Wager Junction findings

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    Jan 27, 2009
    Hello all
    we got some good news from the APCW Audit team and I thought I communicate these.

    The Wager Junction team has recently been advised that one of its clients on the Wager Junction affiliate program has been used to test and run an audit on the program. We can say that we came through the audit with full marks and that there were no tracking issues picked up during the audit.

    We are constantly testing and checking to ensure that all of the credit for any referrals sent into our clients goes to the partners responsible. This is clearly evident in our recent cross marketing campaigns where we have carried across affiliate tags on different game and software types.

    We are glad that the APCW Audit gave us a resounding thumbs up but to be honest we did not expect for their to be any issues. You are able to view all of the comments re the APCW Audit here: APCW Audits: Wager Junction - Gambling Portal Webmasters Association

    We would like to thank the APCW for performing the audit and look forward to providing an even more rewarding relationship with our marketing partners in the future. We are one of the top casino affiliate programs still online and we are proud of our reputation.

    If you have any questions re the Audit please contact the APCW as they are an independent organization that regularly conducts this kind of testing on Affiliate programs. For any other queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Best Regards

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