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    Feb 18, 2013
    What makes a great casino?

    This question came up during an earlier thread and since CaseyM mentioned that a whole new thread was required in order to elaborate on this topic we thought lets have a new thread and discuss it...anyway it is something that is of importance to both ends ie Providers and Affiliates!!!!

    So let us have your thoughts...
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    Aug 7, 2012
    What makes a good casino is a hard one. But I can try to explain what I would look at.

    So here I go:

    Name: short and catching. Worst casino name I can come on now is: Majestic Comet Casino and casino1x2, not catchy names and hard for a player to remember. My favorite casinoname is: Maxino, its easy to remember and I love it.

    Banking: no maximum withdraws. No delay on withdraws, instant!

    Customer support: 24/7 , live chat not just mail.

    site: well designed, up to date information, I wont mention any names but a lot of casinos accepting USA players looks like a kid have coded it.

    roey From Pandora.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    So true, if it doesn't look appealing ie up to date and the same p**s poor template is used over and over sign ups will just not happen.

    Advertising ancient slots isnt going to help, why would people sign up to a site advertising a 3 year old game? (playtech and rtg sites generally imo)

    Being a player turned affy but still at large on the slots, the games play a big part, just today i tried to get afew videos from rtg slots and they are just outdated, feel and look old, Net Ent i feel are at the fore front with MG a close second, but a good looking easy to navigate site would be step 1 and step 2 would absolutely be communication without it being tethered towards deposits, a casino that has a deposit pop up when you have had your last spin is a no no imo affy or player.

    Deposits, this needs to be adjusted and realized, a debit card isnt a credit card! well not in the UK.

    Im probably ranting now but ohwell, casinos should not charge for a deposit, losing is enough without having to pay extra for it and the whole not being able to play in your own currency with losing money on conversion with bad rates is wrong, yes when the pound was strong i got a hell of alot of playing time at the poker table for my money and didnt grumble but having to work out what might hit your account on a withdrawal is stupid.

    In summary i could rant for ages but, they need to be:-

    1, Attractive
    2, User friendly (nothing should baffle a player)
    3, Deposits free of charge
    4, Keep up to date with new games
    5, Transparent on bonuses and withdrawal times
    6, Let players know/request for valid id on sign up to speed up withdrawals
    7, Polite and responsive communication
    8, Offer as many games as possible
    9, Offer their currency as a means to use
    10, Give me the best affy deal possible :)

    The list could go on, but AM's if you have the above please let me know.

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    Jun 9, 2010
    Off the top of my head I would say....

    transparent & fair wagering requirements - especially for the welcome bonus
    live chat is essential nowadays
    multi currency
    plenty of withdrawal & deposit options
    Regular promotions
    - Plenty of contact about regular promotions but not just being spammed all the time with the same offer

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Transparent and fair bonus deals. A bonus deal is supposed to be a benefit of playing not a trap to trap peoples money, which is what most seem to resemble these days.. 99% of casinos are way too restrictive on their bonus deals. And way to complicated with regards to using them.

    I would rather a casino give me 10 free spins on a £10 deposit and no restrictions on withdrawals than a £250 cash match deposit bonus that has a minimum deposit plus a x30 wagering requirement and a minimum cash out requirement, that i will never see.

    If you dont have the facilities to give a fair and open bonus but feel you have too to compete - dont bother!!. I think players would prefer not to have a bonus in the first place, and just concentrate on the quality of games present and service. Creating bonuses that are extreemly complicated or restrictive, just makes casinos look like money grabbing theives and once that name sticks it cant be changed.

    Be Open, Friendly & HONEST with your players.. Cut all the nasty legal restrictive crap out! Either give them a bonus or dont. But dont mask a bonus as a benefit when in reality it is a restriction.

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    Feb 18, 2013
    Hello again guys,

    I would like to thank you for your viewpoints.

    I will give a brief of our viewpoint:

    A great casino has the following elements:

    Security and reliability of platform: This is of essence especially due to the luck of personal face to face relationship of the provider with the players and associates. For example audited results of gaming by third parties, security protocols enforced by providers etc.
    Good Gaming experience: The gaming experience offered should be without problems, stable, quick performance, decent graphics
    Reliability, trust, proximity: Providers should be able through their actions to prove that they poses these characteristics. These should be clearly evident in their website, statements, actions throughout. Some examples are: Transparent T&C which are actually enforced and followed, quick withdrawals, good communication and support.

    I have set the high level elements which if broken down can create several benchmarks which may be considered for achieving the status of a great casino.

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