24hBet player wins 41,000 euros

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    Dear Affiliate

    Simply WOW! The best moments in life occurs when you get blown away by BIG unexpected surprises. Especially late at evenings, when you least expect it!

    This indeed is the case for the 24hBet player Sigurd. On the evening of 11th May, at 23:35, he was playing the Play'n GO game Golden Caravan on his mobile.

    But he were probably completely unaware of the fact, that his bet of €50 would earn him a staggering win of €41,350 - straight into his account!

    Sigurd must have slept well that night, and has probably already made up his mind on how to spend his €41,350. And you know what? Right now, one of your players could be the next big lucky winner at24hBet!

    Let me know if you have any question.


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